South Florida businesses offer up St. Patrick’s Day hangover cures

Whether you’re a dog or just a regular human being, chances are you’re going to overindulge on St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t know what works for a hungover hound, but Deco found a pair of places offering surefire cures for the post-St. Paddy’s Day blues.

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to party, which means the chances of a hangover are high.

The National Hotel on South Beach is coming to the rescue.

Nicole Whitaker, National Hotel: “We have the best hangover cure breakfast for all of your hangover needs.”

They’ve got the goods to cure what ails you.

Nicole Whitaker: “We have our typical breakfast buffet, and then in addition to that, we have some specialty items.”

The chef has come up with some winners to get you back on track.

No hangover can withstand the National’s take on eggs Benedict.

Nicole Whitaker: “It is a Filet Oscar with a six-ounce filet, and it also has crabmeat, asparagus and your hollandaise sauce.”

There’s this beauty between the buns.

Nicole Whitaker: “Then we have the Hangover Hamburger with a fried egg on top.”

They’ve got a dish guaranteed to wake you up.

Nicole Whitaker: “We’ve got the Cure Breakfast Burrito that will have a little bit of a pick-me-up with spices and peppers.”

You can check out the Pizza Omelette, topped with olives, tomatoes and cold cuts.

Looking for a little hair of the dog? That can be arranged.

Nicole Whitaker: “We can start you all right with a little Irish cream coffee. Then, we move into a do-it-yourself bloody mary bar, and then we also have a coconut revival, maybe to give you a little bit of that revive and refresh the next day.”

All this will turn your hangover into a distant memory.

Savannah Smith, customer: “I think it will work. I think there’s not very many things like this around here, and I think it’s something that we definitely needed.”

Over at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, they’re using IV therapy to do away with hangovers.

Andrey Rossin, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort: “It’s a revive complex that we have created that has B-complex vitamins. It has thiamine, it has folic acid. It’s a complex of vitamins and minerals that are very regenerative.”

The process takes less than an hour.

By the end, you’re feeling like a million bucks.

Jordan Unger, customer: “This totally makes you feel like you’re being hydrated. Your skin’s getting plumper, my headache’s going away. All of those things that we don’t want to have during a hangover.”


National Hotel
1677 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
6801 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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