Soup lovers rejoice for Soupelation’s wide selection

Soup at your favorite restaurant may be made fresh daily, but we bet you can’t pick the exact ingredients you want in it. A spot in Hollywood is righting that wrong. This is soup any way you want it.

Attention all soup lovers. Soupelation at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood is calling your name.

Suzan Cooper, owner: “They should come here to have that soup experience, because you can get exactly what you want.”

You can think of Soupelation as the polar opposite to the “Seinfeld” soup Nazi.

Suzan Cooper: “I would travel a lot with my work, and I’d be like, ‘Where can I just pick up a good bowl of soup and keep driving?’ I could never find anything.”

Problem solved.

Start by picking from a variety of broths — or even mix two of them.

Jackie McCorkle, customer: “This is butternut squash and a cauliflower soup. It’s very good. It’s creamy, it’s smooth. It’s not lumpy or anything like that. It’s just really healthy.”

Add your choice of meat, then as many toppings as you want — potatoes, corn, bacon bits and more.

To spice things up, tongue tingler sauces are also an option.

Magda Canales, customer: “I’ve never found a place where you can build your own soup, and I think it’s a great idea. It’s incredible that I haven’t seen it before, as much of a soup lover as I am.”

Bridget King, customer: “This tastes amazing. It’s very flavorful. I added chicken, I added some green onions, and I added some sweet potato.”

Flavorful — but not salty, because it’s made fresh daily, so no preservatives.

It’s $8 for 16 ounces, and $12 for 32 ounces. But why limit yourself to just one?

Matthew Allison, customer: “I actually got three of them. You know, I eat a lot. Soup’s always been my go-to thing, so when the idea came of a soup that you can kind of create yourself, it was a no-brainer.”

It seems Christmas has come early. Through the holiday season, Soupelation is open at the farmers market, not only on weekends, but Fridays as well.

Suzan Cooper: “They can just get the soup that they dream about, that they love.”


Soupelation at Yellow Green Farmers Market
1940 N 30th Rd.
Hollywood, FL 33021
(954) 658-8214

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