If you have dance fever, you’re in luck, because there’s a place in Wynwood that wants you to boogie down, and you get to pick the music.

When it comes to going out and dancing, South Floridians know how to have a good time. But imagine if you walked into a dance party and heard nothing.

Listen up, ’cause Sound Off Silent Disco is lighting up the 3-0-5.

Della Heiman, CEO and founder, Wynwood Yard: "The Silent Disco is being brought to the Wynwood Yard by Sound Off Experience every other Saturday."

Think of it as your own personal dance party.

Della Heiman: "It’s an incredible event with headphones and no outside amplification, so it’s a really immersive experience."

Now music and dance fans can live it up in Wynwood.

Della Heiman: "You come in, you’ll get a set of headphones, and then you can choose between three different stations."

The headphones have three different colors to go with the three types of music: red for house, blue for top 40 and green for hip-hop and R&B.

Della Heiman: "When you look around, you can see what channel other people are listening to, and the sound is transmitted by radio frequency."

Silent disco started two decades ago in the U.K.

Della Heiman: "Club promoters started using it because there were noise complaints, so they needed to find a way to create a really incredible party with no amplified sound."

You can dance around all night and never bug the neighbors.

Della Heiman: It’s really interesting, ’cause everyone comes by on the street and they cannot figure out what’s going on, because people are just getting so into it and they’re moving and they’re dancing and they’re spread out all over the space, but you can’t hear anything."

Throw on your dancing shoes and head over to Wynwood Yard. Your music is waiting for you.

The next Silent Disco is Saturday, Jan. 30 at Wynwood Yard.

Sound Off Silent Disco @ The Wynwood Yard

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