Here at Deco, we’re kind of like a mafia family.

Yeah, I remember Lynn saying yesterday she wanted to put a hit out on spiders.

But in the new Starz show “Black Mafia Family,” the drama is real because the story is true… and spiders have the least to worry about.

Watch any mafia movie and you’ll know…

Da’Vinchi: “Brotherhood and loyalty is everything.”

In the new Starz show “Black Mafia Family,” the true story of two brothers who rose from the streets of 1980s Detroit as drug kingpins is a real family affair.

Demetrius Flenory Jr.: “For me, it hits so close to home because they’re still alive and it’s my real family.”

Flenory Jr. plays his actual father, “Big Meech,” along with Da’Vinchi, who plays Meech’s younger brother, “Southwest T.”

Da’Vinchi: “He’s conflicted between two worlds of going to school and doing that corporate America route just to make his mother happy but then he also wants to chase the American dream with his brother.”

Both gave birth to one of the most influential crime families in the country.

Da’Vinchi: “When you’ve got two or more people gathered and they have the same objective, you can really tell a mountain to move and it’ll move.”

Before getting cast, Flenory Jr. told me executive producer 50 Cent put him in acting classes five days a week for two years!

Flenory Jr.: “I never thought of acting before, ever in my life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I didn’t want it to pass me by and watch someone else play my dad.”

It’s been an emotional experience for the entire family.

Flenory Jr.: “She was hysterical like, she couldn’t keep it in. She was crying the whole time.”

He’s talking about his grandmother who was invited on set.

Flenory Jr.: “[She] watched us in action, me and Da’Vinchi, walk the same steps my dad and uncle walked, at the same house that they grew up in.”

His dad has already seen the trailer.

Flenory Jr.: “His voice just sounds different, like he sounds like he’s happy. He sounds like he’s home.”

This means a lot, because Meech is currently serving 27 years in prison, and even his son is learning more through this script.

Flenory Jr.: “He dropped out in ninth grade because he was walking to school with holes in his shoes and walking over dead bodies. He was too embarrassed.”

But, there is a morally sound lesson to learn here too.

Da’Vinchi: “A mastermind alliance can really take you really far.”

The “Black Mafia Family” series premieres Sun, Sept. 26.

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