Right this very second, the Milwaukee Bucks are taking on our Miami Heat.

So, we’ve gotta talk to you about your feet.

For more rhyming, here’s Alex Miranda with the story.

While the Heat ball out on the court for the NBA Playoffs, some of the guys are wearing baller shoes. You can too, because the designer who works with athletes on their amazing custom footwear is right here in the 305.

Announcer: “Butler for the tie… lays it in!!! Jimmy buckets!”

Bring the Heat!!!

The Miami Heat are going for another championship, and they look good doing it.

That’s where Marcus Rivero and his company Soles By Sir come in.

Marcus Rivero: “We deal with a lot of athletes across all boards — NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, soccer. What I do is I kind of make one-of-one art pieces on the shoes that they wear in games.”

Marcus doesn’t consider himself an artist, but what he makes really is like artwork.

Marcus Rivero: “When you walk into a house and you see a painting on the wall, it’s a really cool thing. I just happen to have my canvas be walkable.”

You might be familiar with some of his clients.

Announcer: “Adebayo for the win! Count it!”

Oh yeah, Bam Adebayo’s got soles.

Marcus Rivero: “I met him at a charity event. I did a pair of shoes for him, and he fell in love with it.”

Miami Dolphins stars Jerome Baker and Blake Ferguson are also big fans. And one of Marcus’ best buds is future NFL Hall of Famer, Drew Brees.

Marcus Rivero: “He had never worn custom anything. I did his shoes, he fell in love, next thing you know he was hooked.”

This is one of a kind, VIP footwear we’re talking about here, for MVP clients.

Marcus Rivero: “You don’t wanna mess up because you don’t really have a second pair that if you mess up the first one, oh no big deal. You don’t have an eraser or a delete button. You just gotta make it work.”

The whole process can take anywhere from three to 10 hours for a single pair of kicks. Every step is sooo detailed.

Marcus Rivero: “I wish it was as easy as just throwing paint on shoes. But you have to actually do some deconstruction at the beginning. Then when you paint it, you really have to make it very thin. An average shoe can have anywhere between 30 to 50 layers of paint.”

Then comes the stenciling.

Marcus Rivero: “If it was a flat surface, it’d be so much easier. But since these shoes have all these different layers of materials, it becomes difficult.”

In honor of the Heat, Marcus whipped up these sneakers around the team’s “United in Black” playoff theme.

Marcus Rivero: “From a distance, it looks like black shoes with white Heat logos, but as you get closer, every single Heat players’ numbers are on that shoe in a different variation of black.

So cool! A pair like these will run you about $300, because you don’t have to be an athlete to order from Marcus.

Marcus Rivero: “I just happen to get a lot of orders from athletes, but yeah, you can definitely reach out to me and I can do it for anybody.”

But if you get a pair, you won’t feel just like anybody.

Marcus Rivero: “When you’re wearing our shoes, you literally have the only one created in the world.”

Marcus can work with any kind of footwear.



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