SoFlo’s reggae songstress Etana among artists nominated at 61st Grammy Awards

Etana is out to change the game. The reggae songstress is hoping to bring a female sensibility to the front lines of the genre. Judging by the popularity of her latest album, this Fort Lauderdale resident’s plan is working perfectly.

Etana (singing “Spread Love”): “Spread love. Spread it all over the world to every boy, every girl, yeah. Spread it all over the world.”

These are good times for Etana.

Deco caught up with the reggae artist at Fort Lauderdale’s Blue Martini Lounge, where she dropped some very big news.

Etana: “The album ‘Reggae Forever’ is nominated for Best Reggae Album for the Grammy’s, and it’s been 21 years since a female has been nominated.”

The nomination isn’t something she’s taking lightly.

Etana: “I’m excited, I’m overjoyed, I’m everything, and I’m happy that I’m considered by my peers and people who are in the music industry.”

Etana’s up against some heavy hitters in the category.

Shaggy and Sting have an album up for the award.

So does Ziggy Marley.

It hasn’t been easy being a woman in a reggae man’s world.

Etana: “It’s not the same for females in reggae, I think, especially coming out of Jamaica. It takes a lot of learning on your own, a lot of struggle.”

There’s a good reason for that.

Etana: “I think a lot of Caribbean men and African men still believe that women are supposed to stay at home and take care of the kids, to be honest, and in 2019, it’s changing.”

She believes she can rewrite the rules of reggae with a message from the heart.

Etana: “Over politics, over war, over every struggle that we face, every challenge — at the end, the true answer is love.”

Etana wants to hear her name called at the Grammy’s, Sunday night.

But if not, she’ll be fine.

Etana: “I’m just full of love and light all the time, every day, all day, and I’m always laughing.”


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