Trust us. Any day is a good day to throw back a margarita. But this Friday is particularly sweet because it’s National Margarita Day. Deco’s official mixologist, Chris Van Vliet, knows where the best margaritas are being served and celebrated.

You can get a really good margarita pretty much anywhere in South Florida. But since Friday is National Margarita Day, we found a few places putting a new spin on the beloved beverage.

Margarita lovers celebrate their favorite cocktail every year on Feb. 22.

In fact, 222 Taco in North Bay Village is named after the special day.

Anna Robbins, founder: “Every day at 222 Taco is National Margarita Day.”

You’ll be sipping on lovely margaritas in a timely manner.

Anna Robbins: “We’re going to be sampling all the margaritas from our new menu. Every hour at the 22, we’ll be sampling a different margarita.”

The terrific tacos are part of the big day and pair perfectly with traditional margaritas.

But it’s the specialty cocktails that will steal the show.

Anna Robbins: “We have vodka ‘ritas, gin ‘ritas [and] rum ‘ritas. We even have wine-based margaritas that are called Mama ‘ritas.”

Lissett, customer: “The margaritas are awesome, always spot-on. I love it. It’s the best place to come. Happy hour is popping.”

Over at Taquerias el Mexicano in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, you’ll be able to throw back many margaritas without hurting your wallet.

Bill Fuller, co-owner: “The special we’re offering is buy one, get one free. We’re gonna be doing that from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.”

You can bounce from the classic ‘rita to the unexpected at this long-standing Calle Ocho spot.

Bill Fuller: “Our classic house margarita on the rocks and our sage and blood orange will be on special.”

The blood orange sage margarita is too good to pass up.

Bill Fuller: “The blood orange is flavorful. It’s citrusy, and the sage just gives it a unique twist.”

Drew McKeon: “I actually really love the blood orange margarita in particular. Not the biggest margarita guy, typically, but something like this is fresh and light and not overly sweet.”

Now, it wouldn’t be National Margarita Day without a visit to the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

Cat Farmer, general manager: ‘We have over a dozen margaritas here at the property, but our favorite margarita is $5.99 all day in many of our restaurants and bars.”

If you’d like to spend a little more cash money while you’re partying, that can be arranged as well.

Cate Farmer: “For $18.99, you can buy a Margaritaville concoction and refill it with all the different margaritas in any of the venues across the property. Each refillable is basically 50 percent of that.”

Call it the gift that keeps on giving.

With all the places to hang at Margaritaville, owner Jimmy Buffet’s words just might come true.

Cate Farmer: “You could get wasted away on Feb. 22. We hope you’ll come and join us for a margarita.”


222 Taco
1624 79th Street Causeway.
North Bay Village, FL 33141

Taquerias el Mexicano
521 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33130

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
1111 N Ocean Dr.
Hollywood, FL 33019

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