July 4th is all about hot dogs and hamburgers. July 14th is all about mac and cheese. That’s because next Sunday is National Mac and Cheese Day! We went around South Florida taste testing some of the most mouthwatering dishes.

Melanie Headson, customer (feeding her baby): “More? Yuuummyyyy!”

Yummy is right!

It’s a mac and cheese extravaganza at Big Pink on South Beach.

Cheryl Barr, director of operations: “Everybody loves mac and cheese! I grew up on Kraft mac and cheese or Velveeta mac and cheese, and now everything’s gourmet mac and cheese.”

Gourmet like Big Pink’s skillet baked Piggy Mac or this huge pulled pork mac and cheese sandwich.

But how about this mac and cheese waffle sandwich?

Cheryl Barr: “It’s a malted waffle with gooey mac and cheese and applewood-smoked bacon.”

It comes mom — and baby — approved.

Melanie Headson: “Oh, it was awesome. It was the perfect amount. It’s creamy, cheesy, and the bacon is cooked perfectly.”

*Melanie’s baby feeds her*

Melanie Headson: “Oh, thank you! She loved it, too.”

Planta on South Beach is whipping up mac and cheese dishes that are entirely plant-based.

Benjamin Goldman, chef: “It’s funny how mind-blowing it is to people that vegetables could taste just as good as animal products, but we’ve been doing this for thousands and thousands of years, and vegetables are the purest form of food.”

They’ve got truffle mac, as well as barbecue mac.

Benjamin Goldman: “Everything starts with the aromatics, so onions, we use a little salt, a little black pepper. We saute that, and then I had fusilli pasta. The cheeses are made from carrots and potatoes and also cashews.”

And the “meat” is actually mushrooms, black beans and lentils, but you may not even be able to tell the difference.

Kevin Sullivan, customer: “They told me it was plant based. There was no — anything that you would think is there is not there, and it just blew me away, but it’s the first dish I order when I come in here.”

Hmm, we wonder if the World Famous House of Mac knows anything about mac and cheese…

Derrick Turton, owner: “We have about 18 different variations of mac-n-cheese. Everything from jerk chicken mac-n-cheese to seafood mac-n-cheese.”

We stopped by their brand new location inside Central Fare at Brightline’s Miami station to check out their world famous five cheese truffle mac.

Derrick Turton: “I made a rue, which is a cheese sauce, and then I season the rue and add truffle oil.”

Then chef adds in all the cheeses for heavenly ooey gooey goodness.

The dish is topped with breadcrumbs and sent through a conveyor oven.

Ernesteine Woodard, customer: “It’s so good it makes you wanna slap your momma.”

We couldn’t possibly add anything to that.


Big Pink
157 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

850 Commerce St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

World Famous House of Mac
600 NW 1st Ave. Mezzanine Level
Miami, FL 33136

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