A South Florida star was unmasked last night. Turns out, she was really singing her “Swan” song. Deco’s resident swan expert, Alex Miranda, is here with more.

Swans tend to mate for life, and they live for up to 30 years! The Swan on “The Masked Singer” last night didn’t last as long.

How can you top Sarah Palin rapping “Baby Got Back” in a Bear costume?!

Sarah Palin (singing): “I like big butts, and I cannot lie.”

It’s a question only Fox’s smash hit show “The Masked Singer” can answer.

The Swan (singing): “I think of you every night and day.”

With celebrity guest judge Joel McHale rounding out the panel last night, the singer who had to take it off was…

Nick Cannon: “The Swan!”

But the judges final guesses — which were pretty close — came first!

Robin Thicke: “I think it is Nina Duprev.”

Ken Jeong: “I’m going to go with Olivia Munn.”

Nicole Scherzinger: “I’m going to go with Megan Fox.”

Joel McHale: “I think it’s Mila Kunis.”

Jenny McCarthy: “I’m sticking with Kristen Stewart.”

Nice tries, but the real Swan was none other than…

Nick Cannon: “Oh, my goodness! Bella Thorne!”

Ken Jeong: “Oh, my God!”

That’s former Disney star Bella Thorne! And Ken should have known better, because they’ve worked with her in the past!

Jenny McCarthy: “She was your co-star, Ken!”

Ken Jeong: “I did ‘The Duff’ with Bella Thorne.”

Jenny McCarthy: “Come on, Ken!”

And that wasn’t the only surprise. Astronaut’s tribute to Stevie Wonder was out of this world!

Astronaut (singing): “Ooh, baby. Here I am. Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours.”

Night Angel gave us a million reasons to believe she’s a little monster.

Night Angel (singing): “I bow down to pray. I try to make the world seem better.”

T-Rex had the energy of an asteroid, “Pushing it” on the stage to Salt-N-Pepa.

T-Rex (singing): “Push it. Push it real good!”

And Rhino was a real heavyweight singing “Nice to Meet Ya.”

Rhino (singing): “Every time I turn around, you disappear.”

Oh, and back to Swan. For those of you who were wondering why there were so many “Twilight” references in the clue package…

Bella Thorne: “There was one thing you guys really didn’t catch on to. You guys went straight to Kristen Stewart, but it’s Bella, because she played Bella.”

Jenny McCarthy: “Oh, my gosh!”

Of course, Bella Thorne is a SoFlo girl from Pembroke Pines.

Nick cannon said Sarah Palin was the biggest surprise in “Masked Singer” history, but I actually think Kristen Stewart would be the most unbelievable.

The masks are back next Wednesday at 8 p.m., right here on 7.

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