SoFlo star chef Adrianne Calvo releases new cookbooks, hosts meet-and-greet

Chris’ idea of making a gourmet meal involves me getting all the ingredients together — his phone and his fingers to order Uber Eats. But if you are going to cook at home, a good cookbook can do wonders. Deco caught up with Chef Adrianne Calvo and got a taste of her culinary expertise.

If you can’t stand the heat, you need Adrianne Calvo in your kitchen. And now you practically can!

Adrianne Calvo: “People in Miami would know me as the fiery redhead chef. Some people may know me as the girl who cooks ‘Maximum Flavor.'”

Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar in Southwest Miami-Dade has been a hit for years, and now she’s released her fifth and sixth cookbooks, “The A-List: Chef Adrianne’s Finest Vol. 1 & 2.”

Adrianne Calvo: “‘The A-List’ is a two-volume cookbook, so we compiled 100 of my best recipes throughout my career.”

Recently, this “Maximum Flavor” chef held a question-and-answer session and book signing at The Café at Books & Books at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Adrianne Calvo: “Nobody has a hundred hours to be cooking at home, and nobody wants to do that either, nobody wants to go shopping for a million ingredients and spend all day cooking, so the recipes are super easy.”

The meet-and-greet let Adrianne’s fans learn tips of the trade from the chef herself.

Francisco Jarquin, fan: “Chef Adrienne is an icon here in Miami in the food industry, and I had a chance to eat at her restaurant, and it was incredible, so I wanted to meet the woman behind the food.”

The “A-List” books are a sneak peek into some of the dishes Adrianne is known for.

Adrianne Calvo: “All the recipes are one page, a couple of paragraphs at the most, and they are ingredients that you can buy at your local grocery store.”

“Volumes 1 and 2” are sold separately, and both are full of goodies.

Adrianne Calvo: “We start with appetizers. We have vegetarian dishes, we have pastas, we have chopped steaks, desserts, so it’s all over.”

The bacon, eggs and charred Brussels sprouts don’t just look pretty in the book. They can look pretty on your plate, too.

Adrianne Calvo: “They’re meant for the person who has never cooked in their whole life, so I wrote the recipe like if I was talking to the reader.”

Or you can make Adrianne’s grilled jumbo shrimp with kiwi and green apples.

Adrianne Calvo: “You have had grilled shrimp all your life, but you’ve never had it with this delicious kiwi relish on top, so it’s mind-blowing.”

Jessey Rodriguez, fan: “It’s priceless. Now you have the opportunity to eat these dishes in the comfort of your home with the same great flavor.”

The A-List: Chef Adrianne’s Finest Vol. 1 & 2

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