SoFlo serves up giant drinks and Deco is getting a sip

South Florida has some giant drinks that serves plenty. Deco’s social butterfly Chris Van Vliet is serving them up.

You might think you’re a real lightweight if you can’t even finish one drink. But that’s not really the case when you’re having a drink that’s as big as a swimming pool.

Big drinks are becoming a big deal, especially at Kings Doral.

Steven Bradley, marketing manager: “You gotta do something different nowadays. You can’t be basic. You gotta spice it up a little bit. It’s Miami.”

Just looking at their drinks tells you — bigger is better.

Steven Bradley: “We have the one and only gallon size mojito and gallon size strawberry daiquiri.”

For $60 — grab a few friends and start sipping!

These giants are self-serve.

Steven Bradley: “We take the classic mojito with the rum and the mint – and we blew it up. It comes with a giant sugar cane stick that is pretty epic.”

The gallon size strawberry daiquiri has rum, Grand Marnier and … an entire bottle of bubbly.

Steven Bradley: “It’s perfect for summer because when you go out, you want service that is fast, you want a drink that is cold and you don’t want to wait for anyone to bring it to you. This one will satisfy everything you need.”

You need to have a party of three or more to enjoy the big drinks — but it’s worth it.

Taylor Baldwin, customer: “It’s very convenient that my friends and myself pour it right at the table, and I love that it comes in a large format.”

At Ricky’s South Beach, the more the merrier.

Joseph Natale, vice president of operations: “Since Ricky’s is a local bar and not a night club, we wanted to figure out an interactive way to accommodate large parties outside of your traditional bottle service.”

And their booze barrel was born. It’s a half-gallon drink that comes in a self-serve barrel.

Joseph Natale: “It depends on how much fun you want to have through the night, but primarily it’s four to six people.”

There’s one called Drake Sucks that’s full of bourbon, lemon juice and orange bitters.

And the ODB ‘Till You Can’t See is…

Joseph Natale: “A spin on a spicy margarita. It’s jalapeño-infused tequila and watermelon.”

The cost for the half-gallon barrel of booze is $100.

But when friends share the drink and the cost, it’s practically a bargain.

Not only do Kings Doral and Ricky’s South Beach serve giant drinks, they serve food too. Which considering how big the beverages are, we recommend grabbing something to eat too.


Kings Doral
3450 NW 83rd Ave. Suite 152
Doral, FL 33122
(844) 494-9400

Ricky’s South Beach
1222 16th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 704-3602

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