Things are heating up on “MasterChef: Legends.” Yeah, and a friend of Deco is being featured in tonight’s delicious new episode. He’s meeting up with Chef Ramsay, and let’s just say he’s bringing a meaty challenge.

Alejandro (contestant): “The man himself is here!”

“MasterChef: Legends” is spicing things up tonight.

Michael Mina is joining the judges’ table, and he’s got a challenge up his sleeves.

Gordon Ramsay: “Lift your boxes!”

These home cooks have got beef!

For the mystery box challenge, the contestants are playing meat roulette, meaning they won’t know what kind of meat they’re cooking with until they open their boxes.

Michael Mina: “A lot of times you’re thinking of the traditional types. You’re thinking of a rib eye or a New York or a filet or, you know, some of the traditional types, but when you start to have to use different cuts that have to be braised or have to, have completely different cooking techniques, and you have to do it in, you know, in a short period of time, you have to get creative.”

Michael may be a pro, but even he was nervous about stopping by “Masterchef.”

Michael Mina: “I was more stressed about going and doing this than I would be about opening a restaurant.”

And Michael knows all about that.

He’s got several spots in SoFlo, including Deco faves Ornos, Pizza and Burger and Stripsteak.

But back to “MasterChef,” Michael says the key to success is keeping your cool.

Michael Mina: “That’s the first thing that you see go. You start to see the stations maybe not looking the way that they should look, so then, when you start to see people fight through that, usually it’s the people that can hold it together that end up with the best dishes.”

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