SoFlo restaurants serve up special dishes, drinks to celebrate Deco Drive’s 25th birthday

We’ve been known to love a yummy bite to eat and a refreshing drink — or 10 — but now, we’re the ones feeling the love. For Deco Drive’s 25th birthday, some of our restaurant friends are rolling out special dishes in honor of yours truly.

Cheers to Deco Drive!

Coyo Taco loves us! They really love us!

Scott Linquist, owner, Coyo Taco: “We love Deco Drive so much, we wanted to make something special for their 25th birthday.”

That “something special” is a spicy taco and margarita dedicated to the spicy personality of the one and only Lynn.

Scott Linquist: “I’m pretty confident that the heat level of the taco and the margarita are gonna really live up to the spicy standards of Lynn.”

Let’s start with the drinky-poo, as Lynn would call it.

Scott Linquist: “It’s called the Lynn en Fuego, and it means ‘Lynn on fire.’ What we do is muddle some limes and some fresh habanero chilis, then we make a traditional margarita.”

And for that spicy taco…

Scott Linquist: “We’re calling it the Camarón Diablo, which means the ‘devil’s shrimp.'”

It’s got seared shrimp, habanero mayonnaise and pickled habaneros. Hot, hot, hot!

Eliran Zemach, customer: “It was like 8 on the spicy level. Just as spicy as Lynn’s personality, maybe even spicier.”

Cafe Americano on Miami Beach is proposing a toast to our beloved Queen Shireen.

Alex Martinez, chef, Cafe Americano: “We’re really big fans of Deco Drive, and for the 25th birthday of Deco Drive, we want to come up with something special, bold and sassy just for Shireen.”

Oh, that Shireen. She is sassy, all right, so Cafe Americano proudly presents the Sassy Shireen French Toast.

It’s one part carrot cake, one part French toast. Now that’s bold!

Alex Martinez: “It’s a mix between the two, and it’s an item that’s unique to Cafe Americano.”

And it’s perfect for brunch or dessert.

Josh Dundon, customer: “This is sassy like Shireen. This is sassy.”

SugarDaddy Miami wants to be Alex’s sugar daddy for Deco’s big 2-5.

Andrew Rodriguez, owner, SugarDaddy Miami: “Alex is known for his sweet personality, so we decided we were gonna concoct a sweet, gigantic sundae. It’s Alex’s SugarDaddy Sundae.”

Eat your heart out, Alex. Your SugarDaddy Sundae has seven scoops of pink cookies and cream ice cream, three slices of rainbow cake, a huge lollipop, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Daniel Montenegro, customer: “Look at this thing! Gooooooooood!”

Our thoughts exactly.

Jodee Demaclie, customer: “I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Alex, but if he’s as sweet as this sundae, he’s a pretty great guy.”

Sugar Daddy, Cafe Americano and all three Coyo Taco locations have those special dishes available now, at least they are for the next three to four weeks. Just ask for them when you stop by.


Coyo Taco

Cafe Americano
1144 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

SugarDaddy Miami
1375 NE Miami Ct.
Miami, FL 33132

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