As if we needed more reason here at Deco to get our drink on, Thursday is National Mojito Day. You can find mojitos almost anywhere in South Florida, but we found a couple spots that are doing the classic cocktail their very own way.

At A Fish Called Avalon” inside the Avalon Hotel on Ocean Drive, you can drink your mojito and eat it, too.

Pascal Pinault, A Fish Called Avalon: “It’s not only about drinking and having a cocktail. It’s about having fun with it and doing something different.”

The Lollipop Mojito is definitely something different.

Pascal Pinault: “The idea of creating this one was to make a lollipop out of the same ingredients you have within the cocktail.”

So think of the popsicle as an ice cube that, instead of watering down your drink, tastes exactly like it.

Pascal Pinault: “You let it melt in your cocktail, slowly, and it takes the same flavor as the cocktail.”

And the lollipop stick is sugar cane. The mojito itself is white rum, fresh lime and some mint.

Pascal Pinault: “The mojito part is a classic, 100% old-fashioned mojito.”

Claudia, customer: “I’m Cuban, so I’m very strict on my mojitos. This was very good, it’s very very balanced. It had the good amount of minty, lemony, sugary kind of thing. And the lollipop — it gets so hot out here, so I think it’s a good idea.”

The mojito at Kings Dining & Entertainment at CityPlace Doral is so big, bartenders need to stand on a crate to reach it.

Emanuel Arrosa, Kings Dining & Entertainment: “It’s 1.5 gallons or about, and you can drink it between three to four people. Come in, have a good time and have a big gallon of mojito. I guarantee you that you’re not gonna have it anywhere else but Kings.”

The Super-sized Mojito is made with the ingredients you’re used to, plus a fully bottle of bubbly.

Emanuel Arrosa: “We just decided to add a different touch with adding the moscato. We just wanted to make it a lot sweeter.”

The presentation is impressive — just from the sheer size of it!

Melanie, customer: “I’ve never seen a whole jug of a mojito before. It tastes amazing, very, very tropical, very sweet.”

Markus, customer: “It’s awesome: the whole presentation, everything, the garnishes, it’s very refreshing, very tasty.”

Just make sure to share.


A Fish Called Avalon
700 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Kings Dining & Entertainment
CityPlace Doral
3450 Northwest 83rd Ave., Suite 152
Doral, FL 33122

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