SoFlo restaurants offer out-of-this-world eclipse cocktails

Forget the heart … we’ve got a total eclipse of the cocktail. Some SoFlo bars have created eclipse drinks. Deco’s chief astrologer and lunar expert Chris Van Vliet has more. Chris, is it okay to stare directly into the cocktail?

Only with special and very overpriced glasses that are sold out everywhere. On Monday we’ll all be able to use those glasses to see a solar eclipse, but have you ever wondered what a solar eclipse tastes like?

Edible glitter, cucumber-infused gin and activated charcoal — this isn’t your ordinary solar eclipse. It’s the eclipse over Collins at 1 Hotel South Beach.

Charles Steadman, bartender: “The ice cube kind of represents the moon, and you see it swirling around the glass as it kind of covers the sun.”

It’s like the universe in a glass!

Charles Steadman: “And then that sparkle, the little glimpse of, like, the stars in the sky from the diamond luster. So as you drink it, you actually remove the eclipse.”

And for $13, the drink will have you toasting away to the galaxy all weekend long at the hotel’s lobby bar.

Gillian Harper, mind blown: “Everything about it just oozes cool. It’s uber cool.”

Say cheers to the solar eclipse at Cantina La Veinte on Brickell.

Juan Jose Ortiz, Cantina La Veinte: “For the solar eclipse we are featuring an awesome cocktail called Sweet Dreams.”

This mexican restaurant’s sweet dreams drink is out-of-this-world delicious.

The combo represents the elements of the eclipse.

Juan Jose Ortiz: “The Patron XO is as dark as the night, the heavy cream is as bright as the moon and the Frangelico is as bright as the sun.”

Alexandria Guerra: “I recommend for any coffee lover or chocolate lover to try this.”

The sweet dreams drink costs $15 and will brighten your day only on Monday, Aug. 21.

Looking for a total eclipse of the heart?

That’s what Jezebel Bar + Kitchen on Lincoln Road is serving up Monday.

James Egan, bartender: “This is something we created purely for the solar eclipse.”

For 16 bucks, it’s full of yummies — from vodka, Kahlua and milk to the rim full of white and brown sugar.

But it’s what’s inside that’s got us over the moon.

James Egan: “It’s got the white rim on the outside, and then it’s got a black ice sphere in the middle of it.”

Now, I’m no astrologist — but this looks out-of-this-world!

Don’t just take my word for it, though.

Midia Hasso: “What is it that they say? It’s 5:00 somewhere? Yeah, I would drink it anytime.”

And if you’re at the bar or staying home — you can watch our special “Eye of the Eclipse” this Monday afternoon starting at 1:00.

And don’t worry — it’s totally safe to stare directly at the television.

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