Buckle up! We’re going for a spin, hip-hop style. Local music man DJ Epps is behind the wheels of steel for this trip. He told Deco all about his new satellite radio show that will rock your world.

Miami legend DJ Epps has gone worldwide.

He has his own show on “Rock the Bells”, LL Cool J’s SiriusXM channel. Apparently, LL is a big fan of DJ’s jam.

DJ Epps: “He loved my mix so much that he reached out personally and called me. He was like, ‘Yo, your mix is so phenomenal, man. I want to put you on a show.'”

That show is called “Saturday Night Ride.” It’s a musical trip around the globe.

DJ Epps: “We wanted to give it that international feel. Play some reggaton, play some American hip-hop, new hip-hop and some Haitian music, as well.”

Epps says that spinning on satellite radio is the chance of a lifetime.

DJ Epps: “I always wanted to be on SiriusXM. It was a dream of mine, and for him, the legendary LL Cool J, to give me the opportunity to be my boss, man, I was so ready.”

That’s no hype.

Epps has paid his dues.

He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business like Wyclef, Rick Ross, Jason DeRulo and Sean Paul.

He’s no stranger to music videos, either.

DJ Epps: “Jim Jones, he’s one of my favorite artists that I like to work with. As a matter of fact, we have a song together with Torey Lanez called ‘Familiar Faces.'”

Epps still loves to kick it at live shows in the 305, but now, when he goes to work on “Saturday Night Ride,” he doesn’t have to travel very far at all.

DJ Epps: “Now I ain’t even gotta drive out the driveway. I just do the radio show right here from my home, so yeah, man, I love it.”

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