Who doesn’t love ice cream? Rhetorical question! Everyone — except maybe if you’re lactose intolerant. Ice cream is great, especially in the South Florida heat. Whether you like different flavors, or different texture, Deco found new, exciting ice cream shops especially for you.

Serendipity is a tiny artisanal ice cream shop in Wynwood, and like it’s name, it was founded by lucky happenstance.

Jessica Levison, Serendipity: "This was an open garage space, and there was no ice cream in Wynwood. So I thought, ‘Let me stick an ice cream freezer and, you know, in this open garage space and call it, you know, a pop-up."

Now it’s here to stay, and everything’s kosher.

Jessica Levison: "The dairy is not treated with antibiotics or hormones. It’s all clean, and you see what you get."

And what you get is really unique.

Jessica Levison: "Moonshine apricot is our newest unique flavor. We have drunken chocolate, which has got chocolate whiskey. We use dried apricots, soak them in moonshine. You can definitely taste the alcohol."

And you can try other fun flavors, too, like lavender orange, mango, lychee and salted caramel. Those are all vegan.

Sole Burros: "It’s just very fresh. It’s not heavily creamy or too sugary. It’s really good."

From funky flavors to fun texture. Say hello to shaved ice cream.

Ryan Barouh, Mr. Bing: "Some people get confused because they think of shaved ice cream being something like shaved ice, when in reality we’re nothing like shaved ice."

Mr. Bing, a food truck circulating in the Magic City, is serving up some loving layers you can eat with a fork.

Ryan Barouh: "Its a Taiwanese dessert, and they call it She Hua Bing. What it would translate to in English is ‘Snow Flower Ice.’" 

AKA ice cream that’s soft and creamy, and that melts in your mouth.

Ryan Barouh: "We use all high-quality products, all natural fruits, no artificial dyes or colors."

You can top it with all sorts of stuff, too. See?

And one more thing. Mr. Bing was declared a favorite among foodies.

Ryan Barouh: "We were just recently at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. We won the Best Bite on the Beach award for Sunday’s Grand Tasting Village."

So, if you’re out in the South Florida sun, you may wanna catch up with this truck.

421 N.W. 26th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 527-7162

Mr. Bing

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