SoFlo drinks bring the heat

There are some restaurants in town that want to light up your night. It’s not only the food that’s hot — the drinks will spark a conversation.

The drink scene in South Florida is hot.

Monkitail Restaurant at the Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood has a drink so cool, they use fire to make it.

Serena So: “The unique drink we have here is the Monkitail. That is our signature cocktail, that is with bourbon, rye and vermouth.”

Spices are lit on fire on top of a piece of a whiskey barrel.

The mixologist puts the flames out using your glass, the smoke fills the glass and flavors your drink.

Serena So: “It all comes together in the drink, which we pour at the end.”

And though the flames are out, you can still taste the difference.

Ara Hossain, patron: “I love that it’s woodsy and it has a smoky taste at the end. It has a good aftertaste.”

At Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse in Pinecrest, the hottest drink in the house doesn’t have booze, but it does have a kick.

Jodan Athos: “The Campfire S’mores is a mocha-based latte with a double shot of espresso, with a hand-roasted marshmallow on top.”

They grind espresso beans and brew a flavorful latte…

But then they bring it to you and create an ooey gooey drink that’s good to the last drop.

Jodan Athos: “We light the marshmallow on fire, and then we dip it into the coffee for you.”

Once it’s roasted, your hot and toasted marshmallow goes for a coffee dip.

Jodan Athos: “The outside of the marshmallow, and once we dip it into the drink, the chars go into the coffee and gives it more of a campfire taste.”

Paola Llerandi: “You have a drink, but you have a dessert also.”

Lilt Lounge in the EPIC Hotel on Brickell wants to heat up your drink — by offering a very hot tableside experience.

Benny Hernandez: “What we are offering here at Lilt is flaming absinthe tableside service.”

A cart with glasses of root beer and absinthe is brought to your table.

Absinthe is lit on fire, it burns for a little bit and gets poured into the soda.

Benny Hernandez: “We are using root beer because it matches well with the absinthe.”

Absinthe is a super strong spirit, and burning isn’t just for fun — it has a purpose.

Benny Hernandez: “Absinthe lit on fire is going to bring down the proof of alcohol and make it smoother to drink.”

Alex Perez: “The show is awesome. The fire is fun to watch. It’s a great thing to talk about. It’s great, it’s really fun.”

3555 S Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019
(954) 602-8755

Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse
8219 SW 124th St.
Miami, FL 33156
(786) 842-3342

Lilt Lounge
270 Biscayne Blvd. Way
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 351-7403

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