SoFlo company sells personalized sandals made in Jamaica

This designer makes great sandals, but leaves the finishing touches to you. A local website offers a hands-on approach to come up with ways to please your feet.

A perfect pair of personalized sandals is only a few clicks away.

With the SoFlo summer in full swing, every fashionista needs a pair of go-to sandals.

Jamaica Sandal Company has what you’re looking for, because what you wear is up to you.

Summer Tie Shue, Jamaica Sandal Company: “What’s special about our sandals is that you can customize it the way you would like it.”

You start your design from the ground up.

Summer Tie Shue: “We have base sandals, for example, that come in various colors. And you can choose what color straps you would like to put in there. You can choose various embellishments that you can put on there.”

Consider the company’s website your personal design district. First thing, meet your sandal of choice.

Summer Tie Shue: “We have different sandals, and we’ve named them all such, as the Lola, the Lucy.”

This is when the fun begins.

Summer Tie Shue: “You have a product customization box where you can decide if you’d like your Lucy to be yellow, pink, green, blue. It just depends on how you would like it.”

The Aphrodite really lets your imagination run wild.

Summer Tie Shue: “Because it has a certain amount of prongs that you would string your laces through.”

Once you choose the straps that appeal to you, it’s time to add the embellishments.

Summer Tie Shue: “For summer, it’s definitely very fashionable for all girls to have their summer catchphrases. ‘Xoxo,’ ‘faith,’ ‘love,’ ‘believe’ — those are some of our very big ones.”

You can even throw a little love to your favorite TV show.

The leather-tops sandals are hand-made in Jamaica.

Besides looking great, they’ll make your feet feel fine.

Summer Tie Shue: “We choose to use a rubber support system on the bottom which helps with comfort, so you can stand all day.”

Whether you’re going casual during the day or dressing up for a night of fun, one pair goes a long way.

Summer Tie Shue: “If you’re going away for the weekend and you have limited space, you can take one sandal, you can take several different straps, you can take a hundred different embellishments and change your outfit every single day.”


Jamaica Sandal Company

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