You know what’s better than a bar? A bar with a perfect view of the Magic City. After all these years, Little Havana finally has its first rooftop bar. Deco’s taking you inside the one-of-a-kind spot that’s bring some fresh flavors to the 305.

Cheers to a new beginning!

Life House Hotel in Little Havana has its own rooftop oasis, and it’s called Terras.

Francisco Vinas, Terras: “We’re trying to provide something in the community that hasn’t been done before, and that is a rooftop bar. Little Havana is a growing community that has a lot to offer.”

This place isn’t your typical restaurant and bar.

Terras has its own little garden, where the chef and bartenders can grow their ingredients, and those things actually end up on your plate.

Francisco Vinas: “For our tomato salad, we use our rooftop grown basil. That is delicious, and I pick it every day before service. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. I mean, it’s just five feet away from the kitchen. It’s amazing.”

Other customer favorites include pollo tacos, ceviche and malanga chips.


Alejandro D’Agostino, customer: “I mean, I love it. My favorite thing was the ceviche, by far. It was great. The chips are amazing.”

Terras is also keeping things fresh with home-grown garnishes for their drinks.

The bar specializes in mezcal cocktails that get topped with edible flowers.

Javier Pastrana, Terras: “It has so many different flavors, and they come in so many different varieties that the creation of the actual mezcal drinks can be a lot of fun.”

Want something fruity and fun?

Get the hot pink wildflower cocktail, or relax and take in the view with the smoky mezcalyfan.


Alejandro D’Agostino: “The location is pretty much a hidden gem because nobody would expect such a nice place to be in this neighborhood. At night, it really comes together because you get to see the scenery, which is like, the view is amazing. The ambiance in general is great.”


Life House Hotel
528 SW Ninth Ave.
Miami, FL 33130

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