So Flo producers ‘Work It’ on new Missy Elliot album

(WSVN) - Even after more than two decade’s, Missy Elliot still knows how to “Work It.” And these days, things are “Better” than ever, thanks to the help of her SoFlo producers. We caught up with them at Circle House Studios.

If you feel better now that Missy Elliot’s back on the music scene, you can thank Miami producers Bigg D and Lamb. They’re the ones producing her upcoming album.

Lamb: “Missy is a great icon in this business: legendary artist, producer and everything. We are blessed with the opportunity to even be working with her.”

In fact, Lamb wrote the hook for the first single off the album, called “I’m Better,” and is featured with Missy in the music video.

Lamb: “I wrote it because I was going through something in my life at that exact same time about being better than I was yesterday and being better than I was last year.”

The video, which Missy directed, is loaded with lasers, floodlights and wild choreography — and Lamb says he had to bring his “A” game.

Lamb: “Behind the scenes is behind the scenes, but when you get in front of that camera and it’s time to turn up, that’s what you have to pretty much do, so I just lost it. As soon as the beat came on, I just lost my mind.”

Now, this project is nothing new for them, since they’ve worked with A-listers like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. But they still want to make sure Missy’s music pleases her original and new generation fans.

Bigg D: “That’s the challenge, you know, to make sure that the new generation, they accept the sound and the music, and me and Lamb really focus on doing this right.”


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