Smoky, juicy, tender barbecue. Is Lynn making you hungry? Good. We found a place that will serve you up slow cooked meat in a speedy way.

Finding authentic barbecue in SoFlo just got easier.

Michelle Chin, Smoke BBQ: "We smoke everything fresh every day."

Smoke BBQ, on Fort Lauderdale’s Galt Ocean Mile, is a fast, casual spot for slow smoked meat. Starting with Kansas style ribs.

Michelle Chin: "We have three types of ribs. Baby backs, spare ribs and beef ribs on Saturdays."

Look how juicy that beef rib is. Perfect for a weekend treat.

Michelle Chin: "We serve pulled pork — which is amazing — that’s smoked for 12 hours."

Or, they’ll serve you up some Texas style brisket.

Michelle Chin: "Our brisket, we dry rub it, and then we smoke it for about 16 hours. We take prime Angus, steroid free, hormone free, antibiotic free beef, and Angus beef, and it comes out. It just melts in your mouth."

They smoke their chickens here, too, and they have some serious sides.

Michelle Chin: "You can get mac and cheese, which is our guests’ favorites. We make it fresh here every day. It’s really cheesy and rich, it’s delicious. We do our root beer beans — it’s sweetened with root beer; that’s our little secret — and they’re delicious."

Cole slaw, jalapeño potato salad and tater tots. What else do you want?

Michelle Chin: "We do a specialty of Kansas City, which is burned ends, and that’s every Friday night, too."

Our only advice: get there early.

Michelle Chin: "When we sell out, we sell out. Since we’ve been open about two and a half months, we’ve sold out over 10 times."

And there’s nothing more promising than that.

Michelle Chin: "We just take pride in what we do. We really have a passion for barbecue. We’re here every day, and we’re just here putting our heart and soul into it."

Smoke BBQ
8 E. Atlantic Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444
(561) 330-4236

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