Smash the Rage allows you to smash your ex’s stuff for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. It’s a time for couples to show their love for each other, but if you’re single, or if you had a bad break up, Deco has a smashing idea. Heartthrob Alex Miranda joins us live with this “breaking” news.

You know, I was telling you about this before, but there’s this guy in Connecticut — you might remember this story — that I was really into last year, and we agreed that I would fly to visit him in Connecticut, and I went there.

I bought him an Edible Arrangement and everything.

The guy ghosted me, so I was standing alone in New Haven humiliated, but you know what? It’s totally OK because here in Miami, we have a place called Smash the Rage, where you can do just that.

Heal your broken heart by destroying stuff at Smash the Rage in Miami.

Massiel Reyes, Smash the Rage: “Smash the Rage is a safe place where people can go to break things.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day — or in this case anti-Valentine’s Day — head over and wreck your ex’s stuff.

Massiel Reyes: “They can smash them, rip them, break them, just don’t burn them, but they can do anything they want with them and leave it here. That way you don’t have to see it when you get home.”

It’s spring cleaning for your house and your heart.

Massiel Reyes: “Anyone is welcome, but mostly, you see a lot of girl gangs. Chicks come together, support one another, and they let their friends cry, break, smash, bat things at each other and just really let it all go here.”

Bring some of that junk that reminds you of them like an ex’s old clothes or the empty bottles of booze you saved from special dates or even their favorite video game.

Massiel Reyes: “We had a girl come in, recently divorced, and she had a suitcase rolling with her. It was kind of strange, so before she walked in, I told her, ‘I just want to take a peek and make sure everything is safe. I don’t know if you’re bringing in a body,’ and when she opened it up, it was a wedding dress.”

Think of it as therapy.

Eliana Romero, customer: “I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s something that can help people with their stress relief.”


Smash the Rage
5056 NW 74th Ave., Suite 5056
Miami, FL 33166

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