SMArtWalk brings emerging artists to Sistrunk Marketplace & Brewery

If you have plans for Saturday night, break ’em and head to Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale. There’s something brand-new going on there. It’s cool, it’s cultured — and definitely a “SMArt” move.

Things are getting trippy at Sistrunk Marketplace & Brewery in Fort Lauderdale. SMArtWalk is kicking off this weekend.

Steven Dapuzzo, Sistrunk Marketplace & Brewery: “SMArtWalk is Sistrunk Marketplace ArtWalk.”

ArtWalk was a monthly arts and crafts party in Flagler Village before COVID hit. Now it’s back, and the Marketplace is all over it with their new project, SMArtWalk.

Steven Dapuzzo: “We’ll be happy to find new and emerging artists. Every month we’ll feature someone new, and this month we’re really excited to be showing the art that’s about to be presented.”

This month’s featured artist is going to have you seeing things you didn’t know were there.

Aaron “AAKABO” Bodden: “This show, I’m going to bring a bunch of anaglyph pieces, which are activated with 3-D glasses.”

Anaglyph art sounds weird, but it’s easy to explain.

Aaron “AAKABO” Bodden: “If you look at them with one eye, you see one image. If you look at them with the other eye, you see another image.”

Being the first artist to launch SMArtWalk is a big deal.

Aaron “AAKABO” Bodden: “It’s an honor to be a part of the whole kick-off, their first one. I’m very excited.”

Even the bar’s getting into the act, concocting two anaglyph cocktails. You won’t need special glasses to enjoy these bad boys.

Steven Dapuzzo: “The Marketplace already has some great things for eating and drinking.”

SMArtWalk may be brand-new, but art has always been a big part of the Marketplace. There are murals on the outside walls and plenty of cool stuff inside.

Steven Dapuzzo: “We have Sistrunk Collective, which is an area designated for local crafts and artists, where their goods are shown and actually sold.”

SMArtWalk has been a long time coming.

Steven Dapuzzo: “When we developed Sistrunk Marketplace, a big component was more culture, and with the pandemic, we weren’t able to execute that, but now that we’re coming out of it, we’re able to start up programs such as SMArtWalk.”

Luda Ganchenko, guest: “I think it’s a very spectacular idea that’s gonna bring a lot of people, ’cause people like food, people like art.”

Sistrunk Brewery and Marketplace
115 NW 6th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

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