Sliders and ribs and wings, oh my: Little K opens in Miami Gardens

Restaurant mascots are a dime a dozen, but a local girl is giving Ronald McDonald and the King a run for their money. Feel the love and make way for Little K.

Drive down State Road 7 in Miami Gardens, and you might see this curious character. Pull over and say hi to Little K.

Doris Silva, Little K: “Little K is a place where you can come with your family. We made it in Miami Gardens as a way to give back.”

Little K is the official mascot for Little K Restaurant.

Employee 1: “Order up!”

Employee 2: “Order up!”

They serve pizza boxes full of sliders, ribs and wings.

According to these kids, they’re the bomb.

Diner 1: “I think the food’s amazing.”

Diner 2: “It was really good. Ten out of 10!”

Dopris Silva: “These sliders are amazing. They’re made with 100% real beef, steamed on a bed of onions, with the ketchup and the mustard.”

Doris Silva: “Ribs, we only use St. Louis Ribs. They are done in a way that they fall off the bone. We make our own sauce.”

Doris Silva: “Wings, we have mild, hot, lemon pepper, garlic, ranch. Little K’s favorite is lemon pepper.”

There’s also ice cream, music and games. And, if you need a boost, Little K will cheer you up.

Doris Silva: “Little K comes out also greet at the door. She plays with the children. She gives them candy, treats. We’re always giving away ice cream.”

And, when the music’s grooving, Little K’s feet are moving.

Doris Silva: “Little K loves to dance. She loves to dance. That’s one of her favorite things to do.”

Diner 3: “Oh, she’s fabulous. I love her. I took pictures of her, actually, with my friends.”

So we had to ask: Just who is Little K?

Doris Silva: “We have different people who play the mascot, but I am usually one of them as well.”

Turns out the mascot is named after some real-life Little Ks.

Doris Silva: “This is Kristy, and this is my granddaughter Kloe.”

It’s a family affair at Little K’s — but just make sure you bring a big, big, appetite.

Little K Restaurant
18220 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida 33169

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