Some people go to the mall to get new clothes or new accessories. Now, you can go to the mall for the latest in beauty treatments.

Welcome to Skin Laundry at Dadeland Mall in Miami.

They specialize in laser treatments for the face.

Elyse Shelger, director of medical operations: “We take laser facials out of the doctor’s office, bring it into a comfortable environment and make it affordable and accessible to everyone.”

This beautification business shines a light on the traditional facial.

Elyse Shelger: “We use medical grade devices that will not induce any downtime.”

Skin Laundry offers several treatments, but the carbon peel facial makes impurities go poof!

Elyse Shelger: “The carbon peel is mostly recommended for acne prone skin or congested pores. It really reduces breakouts and prevents breakouts.”

They apply a lotion with carbon in it.

A special laser first heats up the carbon and then zaps away yuckiness in your skin.

Elyse Shelger: “It will look like a magic eraser. The laser is going to actually remove the carbon lotion. It simply disappears as it’s vaporized.”

The goal: heal your skin from the inside out and leave it glowing.

Martha Lynn Leon, customer: “I’ve never had any type of facial before, and I am very self conscious about my skin, so it was kind of a nice surprise.”

Carbon is good for your skin, and the lasers don’t hurt.

Elyse Shelger: “Most people feel prickling, tickling sometimes tingling. I’ve heard people refer to it as it feels like Pop Rocks on your face.”

This is legit because Skin Laundry is run by medical pros.

Elyse Shelger: “It’s much more medical. There is no slathering of creams and massages. We kind of take the fluff out of it.”

The carbon facial peel is $150 or you can buy a bundle to lower the cost.

Elyse Shelger: “We believe in more frequency, just like exercise. If you’re consistent with workouts or skincare, you’re going to have long-lasting benefits.”

Skin Laundry is offering a free, basic laser facial for all first-time customers.

This isn’t the carbon facial. This one let’s you test out Skin Laundry and its lasers.


Skin Laundry
7535 N Kendall Dr.
Miami, FL 33156

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