Sit behind the bar at Sweet Liberty

Let’s face it — going to grab a drink can be quite the ordeal. First you have to get to the bar. Then you have to fight your way through the crowd to go up to the bar. Then you have to get the bartender’s attention. But Sweet Liberty on Miami Beach has a sweet way to avoid all that hassle.

A South Beach hot spot is changing the game when it comes to grabbing a drink.

At Sweet Liberty, guests are invited to grab a seat behind the bar.

Tyler Kitzman, bartender: “When you come to our bar table, I’m inviting you into my home.”

Sweet Liberty advises you book in advance, or you can walk in and, if it’s open, you can have it.

Either way…

Tyler Kitzman: “You’re gonna get the best seats in the house to see what we really go through.”

Guests say sipping beverages and chowing down from behind the bar is quite the extraordinary experience.

Laura Clark, customer: “This was an amazing experience. It was definitely one of a kind.”

For starters, you get up close and personal with the bartender.

Laura Clark: “You can ask your questions, you have one-on-one time with the bartender. He can personalize a drink for you, he can recommend a drink for you. It’s amazing.”

Tyler Kitzman: “I’m really making a personal relationship with you where I wanna know what you’re doing in Miami. I want you to come back every single night and tell me about it.”

And when it comes to the drinks…

Laura Clark: “He told us what was in it, how they make it, where they get the alcohol from, so I definitely learned a lot.”

And if you’re really interested, the bar can set up a tasting based off your alcohol of choice.

We’ve all been there — fighting our way to the front of a bar for a beverage.

Laura Clark: “It’s true. It’s a struggle, but this completely eliminates all of that.”

And forget having to wait for round two.

Laura Clark: “You’re avoiding that completely. Just wave them down; they’re accessible to you.”

But those aren’t the only perks.

Laura Clark: “This kept us all together. We sat back here. We were able to actually talk. You’re really able to enjoy each other.”

But it’s also just as different for those working behind the bar.

Tyler Kitzman: “You’re in the spotlight, you’re always on stage, so it’s a really kind of a fun thing.”

And it promises to leave you toasting away with a smile.

Laura Clark: “I had a blast. I would recommend this to all my friends.”

All: “Cheers! Thank you, Tyler.”

Tyler Kitzman: “Pleasure’s all mine.”


Sweet Liberty
237 20th St. B
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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