Weekends are the best… if you have them off. No work-week cares, just fun in the sun! But if you really wanna let go, check into the SLS on SoBe. They’ve got a guy there with an odd job. He’s there to help you relax with his roving cart filled with liquid happy!

This rolling bartender brings good cheer to guests at SLS South Beach.

He helps rev up your stay with a complimentary cocktail surprise delivered right to your room.

Jacob Zamore: "Nothing’s gonna kick off the weekend here at the SLS like a nice frozen cocktail."

The service is called Sip Liquor Slowly and it launches this weekend with a liquid nitrogen caipirinha from The Bazaar by José Andrés.

Jacob Zamore: "Sip Liquor Slowly, of course that is playful with the SLS acronym."

It’s frozen, so avoid the brainfreeze and sip slow… but getting it can happen fast!

You could be surprised at check in…

Bartender: "We’re gonna surprise you with a liquid nitrogen caipirinha. It’s a mixture of caschasha, so we’re gonna start mixing it up."

Guest: "That’s quite a check-in process you have here."

Bartender: "It’s a beautiful way to start. And now we have here liquid nitrogen. It’s a great way to get the weekend started."

Guest: "Wow, this is really cool."

When it’s nice and icey, it’s molded into little scones and served like an Italian ice with edible marigold and shaved lime zest on top… it is so refreshing!

Guest: "Thank you so much. Cheers."

Bartender: "You’re welcome. Cheers."

The service operates Thursday to Saturday from 6 to 8 p.m.– but you’ll never know when or where exactly.

Jacob Zamore: "We’ll be knocking on the doors and providing them with this frozen cocktail just to further enhance their experience."

Ready or not… who doesn’t want a cocktail?

Jacob Zamore: "I’ve never seen anybody be upset with a free cocktail."

It’s just a little nip to whet your appetite for the weekend… and you might wanna document it and whatever happens next.


Sip Liquor Slowly service
SLS South Beach
1701 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 674-1701

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