Brian McKnight is known for his sexy voice, but on “The Masked Dancer,” we got to see his sensual moves. Tonight, Brian’s talking about getting in touch with his inner insect and the music that makes him wanna cut-a-bug.

Singer Brian McKnight loved busting a move on “The Masked Dancer,” but he really wanted to sing on “The Masked Singer.”

Brian McKnight: “I was like everyone else. ‘Why am I not doing ‘The Masked Singer?’ But then, I have to think about it, the way I sing, and because people have been hearing me sing for so long, maybe it would be too easy to know who I was. This way, no one will know anything, and I was wrong about that, too.”

Yes, he was.

Paula Abdul actually guessed Brian was “The Cricket,” but he still had a blast staying in character.

Brian McKnight: “I just thought to myself, ‘I am a cricket. What would a cricket do?’ If the interview itself was probably two minutes, we’re probably up there 20, so had to stay in character the entire time. Did I want to? No, I wanted to say ‘Can you hurry up, please?’ But, you can’t do that, so but it was so much fun. I was so honored to be on the show. They could have asked anyone, and they asked me, and even though your human nature says, ‘Wow, I just lost,’ the win was just being on the show.”

He also had a lot of sweet moments as “The Cricket” sending love to his wife from on stage.

Brian McKnight: “When she heard them, she just cried because she’s just so happy, you know, that because she knows how I feel about her, and every time I tell the whole world how I feel, she can’t help but to, you know, to love that and be affected by that.”

Now that Brian’s hung up his dancing shoes, he’s all about his music.

Brian McKnight: “My current record ‘Exodus’ that went up last year. We’re about to put out a new single called ‘Sexy,’ and as soon as things clear up with COVID, we’ll be back on the road.”

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