Silverspot Cinema in Coconut Creek offering private screening rentals

Still concerned about going to the movies during COVID-19? No problem, just take over your own theater. A cineplex is offering you the chance to get together with a few friends and watch a movie in your own private screening room. Deco’s leading man, Alex Miranda, has the ticket to your happiness.

A lot of people are taking baby steps when it comes to returning to movie theaters, but Silverspot Cinema has the answer for your anxiety: rent your own theater.

Miss going to the movies? Silverspot Cinema in Coconut Creek has a deal to help you beat the cooped-up COVID-19 blues.

Liz Martinez, Silverspot Cinema Coconut Creek: “You can rent your own movie theater, your own auditorium, and you can bring in your own content or even watch one of our new releases.”

You get a lot more than a movie for your money.

Liz Martinez: “It’s only $99 rental fee, and that $99 actually goes towards your food and beverages as a credit.”

You can even turn the theater into a huge version of your own living room if you want.

Liz Martinez: “You can actually bring your own content, meaning you can stream something from one of your apps. If you can screen it at home, we can put it on the big screen.”

Checking out a current release will cost you a little bit more.

Liz Martinez: “All you have to do is pay for an additional ticket for every person that attends.”

It’s your call how many of your BFFs you want to hang with. Up to a point, of course.

Liz Martinez: “The theaters that we’re using for our private screenings seat about 100 guests, and we do have to stay at 50%, so you can have from one to up to 50 guests.”

About your $99 rental fee going toward food, you can get some decidedly upscale grub from their on-site restaurant. That includes craft cocktails, too.

Liz Martinez: “You get your own server assigned to your auditorium who will come in and take your order for you and bring you the food right to your seat.”

Burt Miller, customer: “I think what Silverspot has come up with is a great idea. It’s a great way for people to get out that have been stuck at home through this pandemic.”

Silverspot Cinema – Coconut Creek
441 Lyons Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

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