Showtime: ‘Mother!’

Opportunity knocks. But trouble barges right in, and in the new movie “Mother!” Jennifer Lawrence opens her door to a world of trouble. It’s tonight’s Showtime.

The movie “Mother!” may have you crying for your own mom.

The horror flick stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a happy couple … or at least they start out happy.

Jennifer Lawrence: “My character is very maternal. She is very giving emotionally. She’s kind of in awe of this artist that she’s married to that she loves.”

Jennifer’s character is fixing up her husband’s home which had a fire before they were married.

But when strangers played by Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer show up, their lives are turned upside down.

Jennifer Lawrence: “When Ed Harris knocks on our door, that’s the first time we have another character that is not Javier or me.”

Didn’t anyone ever tell the Oscar winner not to answer the door to strangers?

Jennifer Lawrence: “Michelle Pfeiffer’s character blows in, and it’s an entirely different energy. And I loved it. For my character, it’s incredibly intimidating.”

The movie is meant to scare you, and it’s also meant to make you think.

Michelle Pfeiffer: “It’s thought provoking and everyone who sees it will come away thinking it’s about something entirely different, so it will stir up a lot of emotions.”

The title has a couple of meanings.

Jennifer’s character finds out she’s going to be a mom, and there’s also an underlying message about Mother Earth.

Ed Harris: “I’m sure there will be all kinds of interpretations in terms of what they think it’s about or what they feel it’s about.”

We know — the multiple mom references sound crazy but it’s a thriller of a film, so crazy works.

Ed Harris: “There’s a certain atmosphere of tension that remains throughout the entire film until the tension is no longer tension, it’s all hell busting loose.”

“Mother!” is in theaters Friday.

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