Bruce Willis as a violent vigilante and Jennifer Lawrence as a red sparrow — let the good times roll! If you’ve already seen “Black Panther” five times, then there are a couple of new movies enticing you to theaters this weekend. Here’s a look in this week’s Showtime.

Jennifer Lawrence (as Dominika Egorova): “They gave me a choice. Die or become a Sparrow.”

In “Red Sparrow,” Jennifer Lawrence is forced into Sparrow School, where she becomes a Russian spy who uses her body as a weapon. The movie is by far J-Law’s most intense role yet, but she told Deco between takes her and co-star Joel Edgerton would do whatever they could to lighten the mood.

Jennifer Lawrence: “Joel and I are pretty similar. We like to call cut, get out it, be normal, joke around.”

Bruce Willis has a serious axe to grind in “Death Wish.”

And you can bet he’s gonna grind it.

The remake of the 1974 film follows a doctor who’s out for revenge after robbers murder his wife and attack his daughter.

The doctor’s killing spree leaves the public wondering if they have a good or a bad vigilante on their hands.

Bruce Willis (as Paul Kersey): “Someone took my wife. Everyone involved is going to pay.”

“Red Sparrow” and “Death Wish” are both in theaters March 2.

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