If “Black Panther” isn’t your thing, or you can’t get a ticket, two other films hit theaters today. A Biblical legend fights his enemies and his lover, and an animated cave man saves the day. Here’s a look in this week’s Showtime.

Winning a game of soccer is the only way a Stone Age tribe can save their home in “Early Man.”

Leading the cavemen to this all-important victory is Dug, voiced by Eddie Redmayne.

Eddie told Deco the big difference between acting in front of and behind the camera.

Eddie Redmayne: “It’s weirdly much more freeing because there’s no camera like scrutinizing you. You don’t have to think about things like what costume you’re wearing, what period it is.”

Rutger Hauer (as Manoah): “Samson — chosen by the living God to be his hand of vengeance.”

“Samson” tells the story of the legendary Hebrew hero who possessed super human strength.

The key to his power lay in his long hair.

When he’s betrayed by his lover, Delilah, and loses his locks, he faces his toughest test.

“Early Man” and “Samson” are currently playing in theaters.

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