Three movies hit the big screen this weekend, and Deco’s got some Oscar bait plus some dysfunctional dads, but we start with a fresh take on a classic tale in this week’s Showtime.

Kenneth Branagh (as Hercule Poirot): “A passenger has died. He was murdered.”

Everyone is a suspect in Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit “Murder on the Orient Express.”

And what a cast! Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Josh Gad, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kenneth Branagh, who also directed it. He tells Deco everyone became fast friends.

Kenneth Branagh: “Although they’re a tangled mix of strangers, they were very quickly friends, and it was a friendship that did really great things for the sort of human fabric of the picture.”

Nicole Kidman (as Anna Murphy): “How did his father die?”

Colin Farrell (as Steven Murphy): “A surgeon never kills a patient. An anesthesiologist can kill a patient, but a surgeon never can.”

Are you sure about that, Colin?

In the psychological thriller, “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” Colin Farrell plays a surgeon. Nicole Kidman is his wife.

Their picture perfect life is upended when the past comes back to haunt them.

Mark Wahlberg (as Dusty Mayron): “No more back and forth at Christmas.”

Will Ferrell (as Brad Whitaker): “We’re not doing the back and forth thing.”

Mark Wahlberg (as Dusty Mayron): “I just said that. A together Christmas like a normal family!”

Will Ferrell (as Brad Whitaker): “A together Christmas!”

“Daddy’s Home 2” is doubling up on dads for this sequel.

We meet the fathers of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell’s characters, played by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow.

All the family time creates a rift between Mark and Will, but make no mistake — in real life, these two are feeling the love.

Will Ferrell: “I’m not harboring one thing. We have an open, honest, loving relationship.”

Mark Wahlberg: “Nice, thank you.”

Mark Wahlberg (as Dusty Mayron): “You’re opening up the harbor, Brad.”

Will Ferrell (as Brad Whitaker): “Oh, the harbor’s wide open, and it’s fleet week!”

Mel Gibson (as Kurt Mayron): “This is gettin’ good, boys!”

All three films will hit theaters Friday.

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