A case of killer deja vu, history in the making and sweet, sweet revenge — Jackie Chan style. We’re rounding out the weekend at the movies in tonight’s Showtime.

Jessica Rothe (as Tree Gelbman): “Sprinklers … car alarm.”

Israel Broussard (as Carter Davis): “The way I see it, you have unlimited amount of lives.”

It’s like “Groundhog Day,” but with murder!

The thriller-comedy “Happy Death Day” follows a college student who relives the same day, over and over again, until she can solve her own murder.

Chadwick Boseman (Thurgood Marshall): “I only represent innocent people people accused because of their race. That’s my mission.”

Sterling K. Brown (as Joseph Spell): “I never touched that woman.”

Before Thurgood Marshall became the first African-American judge to be named to the Supreme Court, he was a young lawyer fighting for people’s rights.

“Marshall” tells the story of those early years, with Chadwick Boseman in the title role.

Josh Hartnett braves the cold in “6 Below.”

He stars as former hockey player Eric Lemarque, who survived after being trapped on a mountain in a severe snowstorm. And he really worked up an appetite doing it.

Josh Hartnett: “The cold wasn’t the element that really got me. I had to be on a diet the entire time. I lost something like 32 pounds.”

Of course, the cold wasn’t a challenge for the Minnesota native, but he did tell Deco what he chowed down on right after filming wrapped up.

Josh Hartnett: “I tried to put on weight as much as possible, and the first thing I ate was a burger — a huge burger.”

Jackie Chan (as Quan Ngoc Minh): “Thirty-thousand pounds for the names of the bombers.”

Jackie Chan is a father out for revenge in “The Foreigner.” When his daughter is killed in a terror attack, he stops at nothing to find the people responsible and make them pay.

But this isn’t all just fighting and explosions. Jackie tells us this is his most dramatic role yet.

Jackie Chan: “These days the cut — it makes you more powerful. So this is what I want: turning into an actor who can fight. Not a fighter who can act.”

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