Two movies hit the old silver screen this weekend. And at the heart of both? Love and relationships. Here’s a look in this tonight’s Showtime.

May the best woman win!

In “The Layover,” Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton play two friends whose flight gets grounded in St. Louis. That’s when the battle begins to win over the stud muffin from the plane, played by Matt Barr.

But director William H. Macy tells Deco the movie is ultimately about its female leads.

William H. Macy: “It’s about their relationship, the two women, and Matt’s interchangeable. It didn’t have to be him; it could’ve been any guy. It’s just who’s gonna get the guy.”

That should boost Matt’s self esteem.

Christopher Waltz (as Cornelis Sandvoort): “I’ve decided to engage the services of a painter.”

Dane DeHaan (as Jan Van Loos): “Don’t move.”

An illicit love affair between an artist and a married noblewoman is at the heart of “Tulip Fever,” an erotic thriller set in the 1700s.

Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander stars as the young woman who’ll stop at nothing to break free from her husband and start a new life with the man that she really loves.

Alicia Vikander (as Sophia Sandvoort): “I’ve made a plan to save us both. We will be together.”

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