Two new movies are hitting theaters this weekend. One shows us how Bruce Lee became Bruce Lee. The other reminds us to follow our dreams, even if it means breaking out of an orphanage and stealing someone’s identity. Here’s a sneak peek in tonight’s Showtime.

Elle Fanning (as Félicie): “I’m gonna be everything I wanna be!”

Kate McKinnon (as Mother Superior): “All the world has a dream, but dreams are not reality!”

Get outta here with that negativity!

Sometimes you’ve gotta take a leap of faith — that’s what “Leap!” is all about.

Nat Wolff (as Victor): “You will become the greatest dancer, and I will become the greatest inventor!”

“Leap!” follows the journey of two kids — voiced by Elle Fanning and Nat Wolff — who escape their orphanage to chase their dreams in Paris.

Nat Wolff: “I was really excited to work on this film because I got to watch a rough cut of it, and I thought it was really nice and sweet.”

Not so nice is one of the multiple characters that Kate Mckinnon voices — the nasty mother of a rival dancer at Félicie’s Ballet School.

Kate McKinnon: “I just … leap at the opportunity to do great cartoon characters.”

Get ready for some good ole fashioned martial arts!

“Birth of the Dragon” is inspired by a real feud that went down in the 60’s between an upstart Bruce Lee and a kung fu master.

There’s of course only one way to settle a martial arts feud of such epic proportions — a kung fu fight!

“Leap!” and “Birth of the Dragon” jump into theaters this Friday.

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