Turning from TV to movies: two films with four A-list actors hit theaters this weekend. A winter thriller will help you forget the heat, and an action comedy reinforces the importance of “using protection.”
Here’s this week’s Showtime.

Ryan Reynolds (as Michael Bryce): “My job is to keep you out of harms way.”

Even hitmen need to use protection!

In “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” Ryan Reynolds plays an executive protection agent, who has to get a notorious hitman, played by Samuel L. Jackson, to court.

These two told Deco they have bodyguards in real life, but they’ve never been put to the test.

Samuel L. Jackson: “I have yet to figure out what he can actually do.”

Ryan Reynolds: “That’s a good problem.”

Samuel L. Jackson: “I have never had to see him do it.”

Jeremy Renner (as Cory Lambert): “I need emergency assistance.”

Jeremy Renner is on the case!

In “Wind River,” he teams up with Elizabeth Olsen to solve a mysterious death in a bitter cold and remote part of Wyoming.

Jeremy let Deco know this isn’t a straightforward thriller.

Jeremy Renner: “It’s got the movement of a thriller but has the depth, of say, noir characters may have. Then it has the weight of the storytelling being based on true events.”

Elizabeth Olsen (as Jane Banner): “You don’t think I can make it?”

Jeremy Renner (as Cory Lambert): “Out here, you cannot blink. Not once, not ever.”

Elizabeth Olsen (as Jane Banner): “Hey, FBI!”

All: “Get your hand off that weapon!”

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