“Captain Underpants” doesn’t hit theaters until June, but a trio of new films are out this weekend. One’s about a smart child, one’s a World War II flick, and one — will dominate them all! Here’s tonight’s Showtime.

Dwayne Johnson (as Luke Hobbs): “All right team listen up, this crew’s about family. But the game has changed now.”

They’re getting fast and furious for the eighth time in “The Fate of the Furious.” The crew is back, but this time, they’re chasing a bad guy who hits a little too close to home. Vin Diesel’s character Dom is lured back into a life of crime by the villainous Charlize Theron. Vin tells Deco the bar just keeps getting higher for these movies.

Vin Diesel: “Not only make the best film in the saga, but to capitalize off of what the saga’s represented for the last two decades and attempt to challenge it.”

Jenny Slate (as Bonnie Stevenson): “Who can tell me what three plus three is?”

Mckenna Grace (as Mary Adler): “Everyone knows it’s six.”

Jenny Slate (as Bonnie Stevenson): “Mary can you stand up please? Can you tell me what 57 multiplied by 135 is?”

Mckenna Grace (as Mary Adler): “7,695.”

That’s one smart cookie.

“Gifted” follows the twists and turns of a man’s journey as he raises his 7-year-old child prodigy niece.

And a movie about a movie.

In “Their Finest,” a British film crew looks to raise the spirits of the nation — and the world — by recreating one of the most dramatic battles of World War II, after England is bombed to the brink of surrender.

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