(WSVN) - A sci-fi heroine and some friends on heroin hit theaters this week. But they’ll have a tough time taking on a insolent infant. Here’s a preview in tonight’s Showtime.

Steve Buscemi (as Francis Francis): “You can talk!”

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Goo goo gaga.”

Steve Buscemi (as Francis Francis): “No you can really talk.”

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Fine, I can talk.”

Alec Baldwin is the voice of the “Boss Baby” — and this is no regular baby. He’s actually a secret baby spy on a mission to find out why puppies are getting more attention than babies. Baldwin lends his trademark humor to the role but tells us — one of his other famous characters might have been better suited for the job.

Alec Baldwin: “I’m sure that Trump would say that he would be better to voice the Boss Baby than I am. And he might have a point, he might have been the perfect choice to voice the boss baby.”

In “Ghost in the Shell” – Scarlett Johansson is part woman — part machine –and her mission is to save the world from cyber criminals while learning the truth about where she came from.

Scarlett Johansson: “She’s an operative. It’s a job that’s kind of been chosen for her and it’s based on a past she thinks she has, but then she has this ghost or this spirit or soul, if you will, that’s trying to get her attention to lead her down that path of self discovery.”

Jessica Chastain (as Antonina Zabinski): “We have room. We could hide them.”

In “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” when Nazis overrun Poland, a zoo becomes an unlikely — and dangerous place to hide Jewish refugees.

And star Jessica Chastain says — it views the Holocaust from a different perspective.

Jessica Chastain: “This is the first time I think we’ve seen a Holocaust film that actually concentrates on women and war, and children and war, and animals and war.”

Ewan McGregor (as Renton): “Choose life. Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope someone somewhere cares.”

New technology for the same bad boys… with the same bad habits.

Twenty years after their drug-fueled youth, “T-2: Trainspotting” brings Ewan McGregor’s Renton back home.

He may have left, but the temptations haven’t.

Ewan McGregor (as Renton): “Smother the pain with an unknown dose of an unknown drug made in somebody’s kitchen.”

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