This weekend, Kong stands alone. The big ape is totally dominating this week’s “Showtime.”

Welcome to “Kong: Skull Island.” The latest installment of King Kong takes place in 1971.

Brie Larson: “Kong is, I think, five times bigger. He’s absolutely massive. It takes place in a completely different period of time. It’s the 70s; we’ve got the Vietnam War as part of the backdrop.”

A team of explorers travels to a Pacific island, unaware they’ve crossed into the domain of monsters … which includes Kong. They’re joined by a commander from the Vietnam War, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and some of his men.

Samuel L. Jackson: “Out of nowhere, they get attacked by this giant gorilla.”

That sends him into battle mode.

Samuel L. Jackson: “He’s pretty much looking at this thing that’s declared war on he and his guys, and it’s a war that he plans on not losing.”

John Goodman (as Bill Randa): “Ancient species owned this Earth long before mankind, and if we keep our heads buried in the sand, they will take it back.”

John Goodman plays a government official out to find out if these monsters are real.

John Goodman: “He seems to be spending the rest of his life proving that he’s not insane, just like me.”

Tom Hiddleston stars as a former British Armed Forces officer who specializes in the recovery of lost soldiers.

But his journey on Skull Island changes him.

Tom Hiddleston: “His experience on the island is an awakening, a re-awakening of wonder and of humility.”

Brie Larson plays a self proclaimed anti-war photographer who will do whatever she has to in order to get that shot.

Brie Larson: “In this case, it means that she’s willing to sneak onto this secret mission and figure out what’s going on on Skull Island.”

Brie Larson (as Mason Weaver): “I’ve taken enough photos of mass graves to recognize one.”

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