Faith is taking a step into the unknown; that’s what faith is. So let’s hold hands, and let’s walk with Deco to the movies.

This weekend’s blockbuster films are full of “what ifs.” Like, what if you hooked up with your old boyfriend? What if Chris Pine happened to be your pool guy? It’s all right here in this week’s Showtime. Check them out.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Freya Allen (as Mae): “This was a human place, this is not yours.”

Kevin Durand (as Proximus Caesar): “It is ours, isn’t it?”

It’s an ape’s world, and we just live in it, at least in “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.”

The story starts years after the reign of Ceasar, with new rulers rewriting history to hate people. But one young ape goes on a journey leading him to question everything he’s been taught about people, and he finds out we’re not so bad.

Mother of the Bride

Miranda Cosgrove (as Emma): “I get you were a thing in college, but what’s the big deal?”

Brooke Shields (as Lana): “We were everything to each other, and then one day, he is just gone.”

In “Mother of the Bride,” an epic reunion brings two old loves back together.

Brooke Shields and Benjamin Bratt star as a former couple who dated back in the day. Plot twist: their kids fall in love … and you know what that means. They’re reunited before the wedding, but does it feel so good?


Ever played with tarot cards? Well, the cast of the horror movie “Tarot” does, and boy, do they regret it.

After getting their cards read, their worst fears come to life, meaning whatever story the deck deals, unfolds. And it isn’t pretty.


Jennifer Jason Leigh (as Susan): “I think you just need to figure some things out before you can hold space for someone else.”

Chris Pine (as Darren Barrenman): “I’m spacious — I’m spacious.”

Need your pool cleaned? Chris Pine’s your guy.

Making his directorial debut and starring in “Poolman,” he pulls off a quirky, dark comedy.

Skinny dipping is off the table when Chris’ character gets involved in shady politics.

Danny DeVito and Annette Bening also dive into the action.

Let it Be

Paul McCartney (singing): “Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.”

Did you know The Beatles broke up? Yeah, we did too, but why not “Let it Be”?

Because Disney Plus remastered a 1970s documentary about the iconic foursome and what it was like right at the beginning of their split.

Not Another Church Movie

Kevin Daniels (as Madude): “”God wants you to be pimp’.”

Kevin Daniels (as Taylor Pherry): “Huh?”

Jamie Foxx (as God): “That wasn’t me. I never answered his prayers.”

Kevin Daniels (as Taylor Pherry): “I’ll do anything for you, God.”

Jamie Foxx (as God): “I need you to become a writer.”

Kevin Daniels (as Taylor Pherry): “I don’t know anything about writing.”

“Not Another Church Movie” is not to be confused with another Tyler Perry movie, but it is a spoof.

Jamie Foxx plays God and commands a Tyler look-alike to write about his dysfunctional life. But the Devil, aka Mickey Rourke, has other plans.

Mickey Rourke (as Devil): “The devil is in the details.”

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