If the Super Bowl is not your thing, there are a couple new movies out this weekend. A ring and a martian are in this week’s Showtime.

Britt Robertson (as Tulsa): “Tell me where you’re really from.”

Asa Butterfield (as Gardner Elliot): “Mars. Just because something sounds crazy doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

In “The Space Between Us” Asa Butterfield is Gardner, a human who was born on Mars. After 16 years on the red planet, he travels to earth where he experiences everything for the first time — including love. But Asa tells Deco this movie doesn’t fit into any one genre.

Asa Butterfield: “It’s set on Mars. It’s kind of got a sci-fi element. It’s a road trip, it’s a love story. I think most of all, it’s a coming of age film about this boy learning to be human and find out where he belongs.”

Watching a movie has never been so lethal.

“Rings” is the second sequel to 2002’s “The Ring.” In the thriller, people who watch a video die within seven days of watching it.

You’ve been warned.

Alex Roe (as Holt): “I keep thinking about this story, there’s this video that kills you seven days after you watch it.”

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