(WSVN) - Three Oscar hopefuls go head to head at the movies this week, and all three of them will bring tears to your eyes for different reasons. Here’s a look in this week’s Showtime.

Jim Parsons (as Paul Stafford): “There is no protocol for women attending –”

Taraji P. Henson (as Katherine Johnson): “”There is no protocol for a man circling the Earth either, sir.”

“Hidden Figures” tells the true story of the African-American women working at NASA in the 60s who helped launched astronaut John Glenn into orbit. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe star in this film that’s getting plenty of awards season buzz.

Taraji P Henson: “I grew up in an era where it was an understanding that math and science was just for boys, and then years later I get this script, and then I was like, ‘It was a myth.’ I mean, imagine if I knew about these women. I could have been a rocket scientist. No, I couldn’t. I’m not mathematically wired.”

Jovan Adepo (as Cory): “Hey, Pop. Can I ask you a question? How come you never liked me?”

Denzel Washington (as Troy Maxson): “What law is there that says I have to like you?”

Also getting Oscar buzz is “Fences,” an adaptation of the Tony Award-winning play.

Denzel Washington not only stars in this. He directs it, too, and he knows the material well. He and the majority of the film’s cast were part of the Broadway revival in 2010 — but how do you make a movie about a play, not feel like a play?

Denzel Washington: “Every movie is a screenplay. This just happens to be a great play that we put on the screen.”

Dev Patel (as Saroo Brierley): “I had another family. A mother, a brother. I can still see their faces. What happened?”

“Lion” is the touching real-life story of a 5-year-old boy named Saroo, who gets lost on a train and taken thousands of miles away from his family in India. Twenty-five years later, and now living in Australia, he sets out on a mission to reunite with his family.

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