It’s time to pick six … and no, we’re not taking about the lottery. There are a half-dozen movies coming out this weekend that deserve your attention. and guess what, you lucky film fans: you’ll get a taste of all of them in this week’s Showtime.

O’Shea Jackson (as Howard) : “No, no, no, don’t eat that. Don’t eat that.”

[Bear puts brick of cocaine down its mouth.]

Isiah Whitlock Jr. (as Bob): “Let’s see what kind of effect that has on it.”

And that is the perfect set-up for “Cocaine Bear.”

A big bear gets its paws on a bunch of coke, swallows it and terrorizes everyone in the area. It has a horrible hangover the next morning.

Kelsey Grammer (as Chuck Smith): “You probably noticed we have some guests here today. I’d like you to meet my new friends. Welcome.”

Jesus is back. No, not like that.

“Jesus Revolution” is the true story of how the hippies of Southern California discovered a newfound spirituality in the 1970s.

Billy Bob Thornton (as Charlie McNeely): “You’re a McNeely. We do not choose this life; it chose us. It’ll be that way ’til we ain’t breathin’.”

In “Devil’s Peak,” the son of a small-town drug dealer has to make a choice: stay where he is and carry on the family tradition, or leave and save his own life.

Gabriel Rush (as Marc): “You got this pile of rocket crap right here. Why don’t you just build your own rocket?”

Jim Gaffigan (as Cameron Edwin): “It’s not that simple.”

Gabriel Rush (as Marc): “Well, it might be.”

“Linoleum.” It’s a floor covering. It’s also the name of a sci-fi comedy starring Jim Gaffigan.

His dream is to be an astronaut. Through a series of very strange happenings, his dream comes true.

Jahi Winston (as Kevin Presley): “We have a ghost.”

Anthony Mackie (as Frank Presley): “OK.”

Jahi Winston (as Kevin Presley): “No, I’m serious. Kevin caught him on camera. Oh, we gotta show Mom.”

Anthony Mackie (as Frank Presley): “No, no, no, no, no, no.”

[Mom screams. Ghost screams.]

Ready for a freaky good time? A family moves into a house that’s haunted. Hence the title, “We Have a Ghost.”

Social media goes wild … and so does the government, for totally different reasons.

John Travolta (as Ron Wilcox): “I want you to storm the house, find the victim and bring him to safety.”

[“Kevin Hart” screams.]

John Travolta (as Ron Wilcox): “A leading man must learn not to sweat the small stuff.”

Kevin Hart (as Kevin Hart): “What are you talking about, the small stuff? I’m on [expletive] fire, Coach Ron.”

Kevin Hart plays a version of himself in “Die Hart: The Movie.”

Fake Kevin wants to play with the big boys, so he takes action hero lessons from John Travolta.

The movie is a condensed version of Kevin’s 2020 TV series.

Nathalie Emmanuel (as Jordan King): “So you’re just gonna give up on your lifelong dream? This is your only shot to be a big action star.”

Kevin Hart (as Kevin Hart): “You’re right. I need to cowboy the [expletive] up. Chitty chitty, bang bang.”

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