It’s a brilliant movie and the front runner to win the Oscar for best picture, but unfortunately, “La La Land” is opening against the movie that’s gonna make all the money this weekend. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” leads off this week’s Showtime.

Felicity Jones (as Jyn Erso): “If my father built this thing, we need to find him.

The new “Star Wars” stand-alone “Rogue One” takes place right before the events of Episode Four. Rebels go on a daring mission to steal the plans to the Empire’s colossal Death Star.

Felicity Jones plays a rebel with a cause.

Felicity Jones: “The joy and the happiness people have with ‘Star Wars’ is so, so, so special. And those films, they’ve lasted from the 70s, and they’re a part of film history.”

Will Smith (as Howard Inlet): “Love, time and death. These three things connect every single human being on earth.”

In “Collateral Beauty,” Howard, better known as Will Smith, stops living life after tragedy strikes.

Instead of interacting with people, he writes letters to Love, Time and Death, and those close to him try to help him snap out of it.

Will Smith: “The very idea of ‘Collateral Beauty’ is that no matter how dark, and no matter how difficult a time is, there’s something beautiful that’s happening right there. You just have to look and you just have to see it.”

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