Out in theaters this weekend are a horror flick that really gets inside your head, and a movie that’s so sad it’s “BYOT,” bring your own tissue. Here’s a look at both in tonight’s “Showtime.”

Aaron Eckhart (as Dr. Seth Ember): “I evict the demon from the inside. We’re in your head. Wake up, buddy.”

Breanne Hill (as Ilsa): “Something wrong, Henry?”

John Pirruccello (as Henry): “No!”

Horrified yet? In “Incarnate,” Aaron Eckhart plays a scientist with the power to access the minds of possessed people.

His mission? To save a tormented boy possessed by a demon.

Josh Hamilton (as Wes): “I don’t understand. Which part are you having trouble with?”

Casey Affleck (as Lee Chandler): “Well, I can’t be his guardian.”

“Manchester by the Sea” is getting all kinds of Oscar buzz. After the death of his older brother, Casey Affleck’s character is shocked to learn that he’s now the guardian of his teenage nephew.

Lucas Hedges (as Patrick Chandler): “You don’t want to be my guardian? That’s fine with me.”

Casey Affleck (as Lee Chandler): “It’s just the logistics.”

He’s forced to go back to his hometown and face some serious demons from his past.

Chris Van Vliet: “With the amount of layers that this character has and so much going on there, is this the most difficult character you’ve ever played?”

Casey Affleck: “That’s a good question. There’s a lot of inside layers that are happening that you want to bring to the outside without showing them, I guess. It’s sort of a complicated and boring answer.”

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