Chills, thrills and even a little gambling. Place your bets on this week’s new movie releases. We’ve got them all in this week’s Showtime.

Jon Bernthal (Terrance Swaino): “What the hell is going on here, Frank?”

John Pollono (as Frank Romanowski): “He ruined Crystal’s life! We’re going to kill him.”

“Small Engine Repair” isn’t about fixing cars, but a small repair shop is the background for this very provocative film.

It’s about the reunion of three old friends that takes a shocking turn after a mysterious fourth person is invited to the party, and his connection to the group is revealed.

I think I’ll just call an Uber.

Jon Bernthal: “It will make you laugh out loud, it’ll make you cry, but it’s also unbelievably thrilling and dangerous.”

Annabelle Wallis (as Madison Mitchell): “I’m seeing murders as they’re happening.”

That’s definitely not a sight for sore eyes. In “Malignant,” a woman named Maddie has visions of people getting brutally murdered.

Defintely not as cool as visions of winning the lottery.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as Kate)”How much time do I have?”

Doctor: Fourteen hours, maybe 15.”

Woody Harrelson (as Varrick): “Kate, it’s gonna be OK.”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as Kate): “You won’t get any more questions from me after today.”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a woman on a mission in Netflix’s “Kate,” and that mission is figuring out who fatally poisoned her and getting revenge … but the clock is ticking.

Oscar Isaac (as William Tell): “Poker is all about waiting.”

In “The Card Counter,” Oscar Isaac plays a gambler and former serviceman who’s haunted by the crimes of his past, but he tries to redeem himself with help from Tye Sheridan and wild card Tiffany Haddish.

Tiffany Haddish: “She’s a recruiter, basically. She has a stable of poker players that she pulls together, and she’s trying to make some money.”

Oscar Isaac (as William Tell): “Is it possible to know when one reaches the limit?”

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