It’s movie madness this week. There’s something for everyone. We have puppy detectives, unholy nuns and a time traveler. Speaking of time, here’s Showtime.

Hugh Jackman (as Nick Bannister): “You’re going on a journey, a journey through memory.”

Hugh Jackman stars in “Reminiscence.” Miami is underwater in this future, where a scientist discovers a way to relive your happiest memories.

But will he use the technology to just reunite with a long-lost love, or uncover a deep conspiracy?

Maggie Q (as Anna): “I just want to end their life, and anyone standing in my way.”

Don’t mess with “The Protégé.”

Maggie Q is the world’s most skilled contract killer. When the assassin who rescued her as a child is brutally murdered, she vows revenge for the man who taught her everything she knows.

Rebecca Hall (as Beth): “I didn’t think we had secrets.”

Sarah Goldberg (as Claire): “Everybody has secrets.”

Rebecca Hall is a widow looking for answers in “The Night House.” Strange and creepy things start happening after her husband’s unexpected death.

Rebecca begins to investigate and finds out her husband was keeping a scary secret. Won’t anyone learn that nothing good happens when you start snooping around?

Isabela Merced (as Rachel Cooper): “Dad, what are you planning to do?”

Justin Bartha (as Simon Keeley): “You have no idea what you are getting into.”

Note to self: don’t get Jason Momoa angry. In “Sweet Girl,” Jason wants revenge for his wife’s death.

He wants justice. The bad guys want him and his daughter out of the way.

Character in “Habit”: “I haven’t seen you before.”

Bella Thorne (as Mads): “Well, look at God just working His ways. Do you know where to get waxed around here?”

Heaven help Bella Thorne and Paris Jackson. The two play party girls in “Habit.”

When a drug deal goes bad, Bella, Paris and a friend pose as nuns to escape a ticked-off drug lord.

Trailer voiceover: “Our fate is in their paws.”

Tyler Perry (as Gus, voice): “A dog?!”

Iain Armitage (as Chase, voice): “Actually, sir, I’m a puppy.”

The Paw Patrol is reporting for duty on the big screen.

“Paw Patrol: The Movie” is based on the Nickelodeon series. This time around, the pups are heading to Adventure City to save the day … because that’s what good doggies do.

Will Brisbin (as Ryder, voice): “This is what we do. No city’s too big, no pup’s too small.”

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