Family fun, squad goals and a love for bacon. No, we’re not talking about Deco. All those things have something to do with new movie releases. Check out this week’s Showtime.

LeBron James: “I need to assemble an elite team to help get my son back.”

Jeff Bergman (as Bugs Bunny, voice): I know what you’re looking for: a dream team.”

Come on and slam … and welcome to “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

The Looney Tunes are back, and this time around, they’re hitting the court with LeBron James. They’re also helping him save his son from an evil computer.

LeBron says it’s a fun film to watch with the kids.

LeBron James: “It’s a great family movie. You get to enjoy, you know, being around your family and your loved ones, and that’s what this movie is all about.”

Angela Bassett (as Anna May): “Girls, I think I see a ghost.”

Karen Gillan (as Sam): “We need weapons.”

Don’t mess with Karen Gillan, Lena Headey or any of their all-star squad. In “Gunpowder Milkshake,” Karen plays a hitwoman who goes rogue to save a little girl’s life. Now everyone’s after her.

Karen’s used to doing action films, but not like this.

Karen Gillan: “There’s so much action involved in this role, and more than I’ve ever done in any film, and so, that was probably the biggest challenge.”

Bryce Banks (as Anewbyss): “There’s no one here, Rah! It’s just us.”

The lives of 27 Los Angelenos come together over love and heartbreak in “Summertime,” but it’s not your everyday comedy-drama, unless you’ve watched movies delivered through spoken word poetry.

Executive producer Kelly Marie Tran says we should.

Kelly Marie Tran: “‘Summertime’ does a really good job of making poetry feel like, ‘Oh, it’s not this thing that we just study in high school and then just forget.’ It’s healing.”

Nicolas Cage (as Robin Feld): “I’m looking for a truffle pig. Someone stole her.”

David Knell (as Chef Finway): “I don’t understand.”

Nicolas Cage is looking for some bacon. Kidding.

“Pig” is a thriller, and Cage plays a truffle hunter who’s searching for whoever stole his beloved pig.

Come on! Haven’t movies taught us you never mess with a man’s pet?

Recording: “Welcome to Minos Escape Rooms.”

Character in “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”: “No, no, no.”

Thomas Cocquerel (as Nathan): “It’s happening again.”

Character in “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”: “You guys have played the game before?”

Logan Miller (as Ben Miller): “So what is this?”

This escape room is no game. Seriously: you mess up, you die.

“Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” may be a sequel, but the sinister twists are brand-new, and everyone forced to play this time has survived before — meaning the stakes have never been higher.

Taylor Russell (as Zoey Davis): “It’s over. I’m done running. We can beat them at their own game.”

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